Meet Drew, our dedicated, hardworking intern!

I first heard about World Music/CRASHarts one year ago when my father took me to the Sinclair to see the band Red Baraat. What a show! With music influences from Jazz, Latin, funk, and North Indian Bhangra music, the band had me dancing alongside people of all ages and backgrounds. The music brought us together, and I still have never heard another group that sounds anything like Red Baraat.

My parents brought me up playing classical piano and listening to Led Zeppelin, but I have since developed a liking for many other genres. As an undergraduate student studying music at Northeastern University, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel to Grenada and Bali to study the retention of African culture through music and the globalization of Balinese gamelan music, respectively. I am now a member of MIT Professor Evan Ziporyn’s gamelan orchestra, a frequent listener of Buena Vista Social Club, and always interested in exploring music that I haven’t yet heard of.

I’m thrilled to be interning at World Music/CRASHarts, an organization that presents the unique shows that I love to go to. With a mission to present “the finest traditional and contemporary performing arts from around the world,” I’m proud to support the organization’s existence in any way that I can.

Drew with Gamelan Galak Tika
Drew (middle-right) rehearsing for a performance with Gamelan Galak Tika