WE BANJO 3 at Somerville Theatre

Saturday, February 9, 8:00 pm
55 Davis Square, Somerville
Reserved seating

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From Galway, We Banjo 3 finds common ground between Old World tradition and authentic Americana by playing their banjo, fiddle, guitar, and mandolin in an innovative fusion of styles that they dub Celtgrass. The award-winning band's rousing revelry, virtuosity, power, passion, and purpose are created by two sets of siblings, brothers Enda Scahill (tenor banjo, vocals) and Fergal Scahill (fiddle, viola, dobro, percussion, guitar, mandolin, vocals) and brothers Martin Howley (tenor banjo, mandolin, vocals) and David Howley (lead vocals, guitar).

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We Banjo 3 - "Light in the Sky"

We Banjo 3 - The Fox

We Banjo 3 - 'Tell Me Why'