PALAVER STRINGS + LITTLE DANCE HOUSE: NOISEFLOOR at Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

Palavar Strings & Little Dance House: Noisefloor
Saturday, November 09 2024 8:00PM EST
25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston
$40, $36 Global Arts Live members
Reserved seating
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Twelve musicians of Palaver Strings and eight dancers of little house dance perform Noisefloor, a new project that seamlessly blends music and dance—dancers are involved in the composition process and musicians are involved in little house’s movement language. Playing with the subjectivity of human experience, Noisefloor uses architecture and acoustics to transform the theater into an atmospheric cave. Musicians and dancers move throughout the stage and surrounding areas in an immersive physical, visual, and musical experience. 

Noisefloor teaser

Palaver Strings + little house dance | Noisefloor Preview