BODYTRAFFIC at Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

A member of Body Traffic wears a flowy white shirt and is pictured in motion against a white backdrop
A member of Body Traffic wears a white dress and is pictured balancing on one leg against a white backdrop
A member of Body Traffic wears black pants and is captured balancing on one hand against a white backdrop

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Friday, November 17 2023 8:00PM EST
Saturday, November 18 2023 8:00PM EST
25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston
$68, $64 Global Arts Live members
Reserved seating
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Los Angeles‒based BODYTRAFFIC is internationally recognized for its high-caliber work, blending contemporary, jazz, and ballet. The company will perform the Boston premieres of Recurrence by choreographer Ethan Colangelo, The One to Stay With by choreographic team Baye & Asa, PACOPEPEPLUTO by choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo set to music popularized by Dean Martin, and a new work set to Ravel’s Boléro by choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan.  

“The repertory company is known for its versatility, bringing vivid theatricality to a range of provocative works commissioned from some of today’s most dynamic choreographers.”—Boston Globe