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“World Music/CRASHarts is much more than the music and dance; it is a full
cultural experience that builds bridges and makes connections across cultures.
World Music/CRASHarts events make us better citizens of the world.”
-Audience member

At a time when the world seems out of harmony, we all seek greater understanding and acceptance of the rich diversity our global community offers. World Music/CRASHarts strives to bring you a broader, inclusive landscape through the performing arts. We provide a stage for artists from the far and near corners of the globe so they can share their creative endeavors and culture with you through live performance. Your participation as an audience member and a supporter of World Music/CRASHarts allows us to bring these international artists to Boston.

Please consider making a generous gift to our Annual Fund.

Support of the Annual Fund, in addition to annual membership, is an investment both in World Music/CRASHarts and in the artists we present. We need your ongoing support to sustain our work and continue to provide you with unique international music and dance experiences. Your gift to the Annual Fund is a statement confirming your belief that the arts can bring diverse people from many cultures together to create a common bond of human spirit, celebrating the joy of music and dance.

Together, through the arts, we can do our small part to promote understanding and acceptance of the wonderful diversity that surrounds us.

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World Music/CRASHarts Annual Fund.

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