Habib Koite satisfied customer feedback

Ahh, it always feels good to hear from our patrons, especially good things. Lately, if you have been to any of our performances you should have received an email from us after the show, asking for your feedback and suggesting other concerts you might enjoy. The feedback has been wonderful! Here are a few emails we received regarding the Habib Koité performance at the Somerville Theatre on March 7. (If you ask me, these folks got it right. The show was FANTASTIC and I adored his new band.)

Hello. We really enjoyed this week's Habib Koite concert - but have an idea for you to possibly improve the enjoyment and understanding of his (and other non-English speaking singers) music: Provide an English translation of his songs - either in the program notes or some sort of on-stage video screen. As a songwriter I am very interested in the words of any song, and particularly with the passionate rendition that Habib gives. Thanks! -Zack

I first saw Habib perform in 1997, at the Jazz Club in Bamako, Mali.  I have seen him many times here in Somerville since then, and always enjoy his performances. He has a charming stage presence and superb musicianship. -Judy

Hello! I had heard only two of Habib's songs before attending his concert last night, but I am a big fan of West African music, especially music from Mali, so I knew I would enjoy the show.  IT WAS SO GOOD!  I knew that I would regret the time I remained seated with the music moving my body, so I was up and dancing by the second song of the set.  (And when Mr. Koite was signing CDs afterwards, he noticed me, saying "best dancer!"  HOW COOL is that?!) Love love loved it.  Loved the amplification of the calabash, loved the kora and bass, loved the banjo solos, loved the "balafon"-player, and of course, loved Habib's guitar-playing and his voice.  I wish they would teach the audience some Bambara, though! I am still high from last night's experience. My dad was there. He says that especially in light of misunderstanding about Muslim civilization in America, it was particularly gratifying to experience such emotionally uplifting music in what sounded like Sufi style. Thank you for all you do in bringing these artists to Boston.  See you at the flamenco show tonight! -Arielle

Hello CRASHarts. This is at least the 4th time we've seen Habib and we will return as many times as you bring him. We give the concert 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. Last night's concert was different than others in the past and just as good. We appreciated last year's concert with Eric Bibb but also like seeing Habib Koite "straight." Thank you for all the work you do to open the world to Boston. -Barbara



(Photos taken by our amazing volunteer. Thanks, Charline!)