Meet Cheryl, our Development Director

My first introduction to World Music/CRASHarts was in 1994. Of course, I had been attending concerts presented by this new organization called “World Music” as I was actively involved in the world music genre through my own performing group, LIBANA. (   The exposure, at that time, to international artists from Africa, the British Isles, Eastern Europe, and various other parts of the world provided an excellent initiation into music and dance from the far corners of the world. 

In the early days, Maure Aronson, founder and executive director of World Music/CRASHarts, selected a local world music ensemble each season to perform as part of his series. In 1994, LIBANA was tickled to be chosen as that group, performing at the Tsai Center at Boston University. Following that initial concert, LIBANA performed as part of the World Music season in 1999 and 2001 at the Somerville Theater. In 2005, Maure helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary, again at Somerville Theater, with a gala concert attracting over 800 people.   Our group is forever grateful to Maure and World Music/CRASHarts for believing in our work representing women’s musical traditions from around the world, and for introducing us to a larger audience in Boston.  LIBANA will be celebrating its 35th anniversary next year as an international touring ensemble. We have received many accolades for our eclectic presentations and research of women’s music and dance traditions, and we are pleased to say one of our early supporters was Maure Aronson! 

Coming full-circle, I am now working at World Music/CRASHarts as Director of Development.  It is exciting to be part of the “family” and see the organization’s growth; artistically through each season’s unique and cutting-edge performances, and in its leadership as a connector of cultures within greater Boston’s arts scene.   Bringing together diverse audiences of many nationalities and ages, World Music/CRASHarts opens the window to other worlds through artistic expression and offers a sense of home to those whose homelands are far away.  I have benefitted both personally and professionally through my association with World Music/CRASHarts, and we as a community are lucky to have World Music/CRASHarts bringing the world into our own backyard.  

Cheryl and LIBANA
Cheryl Weber (on left) performing with LIBANA at Tangier International Festival, Morocco, 2013

Cheryl Weber
Director of Development
World Music/CRASHarts