Tamar Ilana & Ventanas at The Rockwell

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Sunday, March 5, 7:30 pm
255 Elm St., Somerville
$20 General Admission, 21+

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Led by singer Tamar Ilana, Ventanas unites flamenco with an exhilarating blend of Ladino, Balkan, Mediterranean, and North African music to create modern interpretations and original songs. The group blends the intensity of flamenco guitar, the excitement of Middle Eastern doumbek, the soulful sounds of Greek oúti and bağlama, and the party vibe of klezmer and Eastern European fiddle to create an incomparable sound with Ilana’s powerful vocals and flamenco dance leading the way. 

“The lusty and lusciously passionate voice of Tamar Ilana soars and glides. . . . Simply intoxicating!”—Jazz Weekly

Boston debut


You can purchase tickets for this show at the door starting at 7:00pm on March 5. Please note, the sales will be cash only.